Our podcasts aim to educate and engage with the Cal Poly community on issues of diversity and discrimination on campus. These podcasts are a tool to spark thoughtful and timely conversations about what is going on right now and making Cal Poly a more inclusive place. 

In this podcast, we talk with Alex Stone, a Cal Poly senior, about the experiences she has had on campus having a physical disability and the emotional toll it has taken on her. We also discussed the campus Disability Resource Center (DRC) and the services it offers to students.

In this episode, TMITR team has an insightful conversation with Sarah Best, Academic Senate Coordinator and active member of SLO's LGBTQ+ community, about a resolution from our very own Academic Senate asking that Chick-Fil-A be removed from campus in an effort to be more inclusive of the LGBTQ+ community on campus.

The panel discusses the pros and cons of Social Media and how it affects our lives as young adults. Guess panelist Katherine, who runs the social media pages for the Theater Arts and Dance department at Cal Poly shares her experiences of being a content creator. 

A discussion about creating THE MUSTANG IN THE ROOM project during such a tense time on campus. Students share their candid thoughts and concerns about creating a campaign focused on unity in a world of division. 

Guest panelist Carina, a book contributor to the Human Library shares her struggle with gender identity. The panel delves into a further exploration of The Human Library project and how it highlights the many stories of Cal Poly students and how they express their identity while living on campus. 

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