We will respect your time, we will respect your intelligence, we will use the most convenient tech, and we will appeal to your higher sense of morality because we know that you want to be a better person and more prepared to enter a diverse workplace upon graduating. 


The administrative team is dedicated to helping our teams produce quality content for the Mustang in the Room Campaign. We promise to work hard to encourage our teams to do all things with love in order to educate and reach as many people as possible with the content that they produce.


Sierra Hickman is a second-year Journalism major with a passion for social justice work.

Isa Rangel is a second-year Theatre major who wants to use her role to effectively communicate the mission and goals of The Mustang in the Room.


Lucas Tokar is a first-year Theatre major who wants to better the campus through social change using their communication and leadership skills.


Bella Ramirez, a second-year Theatre major from the Bay Area, is very passionate about promoting equality on our campus through various art forms. She hopes to pursue a career in theatre or film in the future and to encourage the discussion about social justice.

Second-year Communication Studies major Jack Shaw hopes to change lives with his films. 

Hailing from the Orange County, Julie Makley studies Business Administration and Media Arts, Society and Technology. She is passionate about entertainment, the process behind it, and wants to showcase authentic content for The Mustang in the Room.

Currently a Modern Languages major from Seattle, Willa Westneat loves being behind the camera. She hopes to spend her life creating and is excited to do more with her art than just capture the world around her.

Logan Kimball is a Journalism student trying to make his mark on the world. Logan is hard working, compassionate, and has a love for the world of film.

Brian Pinder is currently a Biology major, but wants to try something completely different with his life.


Hailey Nagma is a second-year Journalism student with a double minor in History and Statistics. Growing up Asian-American, she's always felt caught in the middle of the struggle between races and has been able to gain a unique perspective of the way race functions in modern society, and plans to bring this perspective to her work.


Katie Halstead is currently a second-year Journalism student. She's very excited to be a part of such a unique project, and is writing content about race and diversity in order to enact real change and discussion on Cal Poly's campus.

Yasel Hurtado is a second-year Journalism student. As a first-generation Mexican-American student, she wants to amplify the voices of other people like herself on campus because she feels that the Latino community's voices are not adequately heard at Cal Poly.


Grace Power Smith is also a second-year Journalism major with a double minor in Ethnic Studies and Economics. While her own experience with race has been relatively inconsequential, it's through her Ethnic Studies minor that she has begun studying issues of race and its social construction, and learned how it interacts with individuals and systems in the United States. She feels it's an important topic to learn about and discuss, and as a Journalism major, she looks forward to writing about race as it impacts students at Cal Poly.


Kinsey Mangan is a second-year Graphic Communication major concentrating in graphics for packaging. Since high school, she has had a passion for promoting inclusivity and diversity in and outside the classroom environment.

Amanda Rondez is a second-year Business Administration major planning to switch into Journalism. Having grown up in the Bay Area, she feels fortunate to have been surrounded by diverse people and cultures. Cal Poly’s demographics deviate from what she had known at home, and she would like to do her part in promoting inclusivity on campus.

Lauren Hodgins is a second-year Journalism major focusing on Public Relations. She is excited to be promoting a discussion on drastically underrepresented topics on campus. She believes this to be a conversation that everyone needs to be having and hopes that The Mustang in the Room is going to help jump-start this discussion.


Marley Myers is a third-year Journalism major. Very passionate about women’s rights and promoting equality for everyone, she's excited to a part of The Mustang in the Room!


Rachael Hall is a second-year Journalism major with a concentration in Public Relations. She is very proud to be apart of a campaign that is promoting equality, diversity, and inclusivity, and advocates for its discussion on campus. She is excited to help The Mustang in the Room with this mission.


Brian Pinder, a Bay Area native (but not one of those in-your-face about it ones) and a Biology major with a minor in Interdisciplinary Studies, hopes to be a writer and comic one day. 

Fern Stuart grew up here in San Luis Obispo County and is currently working on changing her major to Interdisciplinary Studies. Fern hopes to someday work in fashion or costume design and own multiple cats.

Gracing his presence upon the Cal Poly San Luis Obispo campus, second-year Communication Studies major Jack Shaw hopes to live a life of luxury after a long career of changing lives with his Oscar-winning films.


Dante DiFronzo is a fourth-year Journalism major. Due to his Journalism background, he is able to tell stories well and plans on applying that skill to creating games for The Mustang in the Room.

Jakob Frabosilio is a first-year Mechanical Engineering student with a minor in Media Arts, Society, and Technology. He is passionate about educating people through storytelling and he is applying this passion throughout his time with the Games team. He hopes to make an impact on the campus culture at Cal Poly through his work with The Mustang in the Room.

Erika Wang is a second year English major with a Media Arts, Society, and Technology minor. She is passionate about writing, hoping to bring everything she writes to life. With the Games team, she plans to take a different approach by helping to create interactive games.



Sean Galusha is a second-year journalism major and photography minor at Cal Poly. He has taken his skills in website design and applied them to creating a functioning, pleasing website to transmit The Mustang in the Room's message. He hopes that the site successfully tells the story of this campaign.

Gina Arnone is a third-year Graphic Communications major. She designs websites and makes graphics in most her spare time and has used those skills to help this campaign's cause reach a wider audience at Cal Poly. She advocates for social and political compassion and hopes to help make diversity issues & discussions a higher priority on this campus.


Emi Powers is a second year Journalism major from Pasadena, CA. She feels that her education thus far has effectively prepared her with skills to plan events and interact with the community here on campus. She is very optimistic about this project and her team.  


Sophia Crolla is a second-year Public Relations Major from Los Gatos, CA. She's always been interested in event planning and is so excited to use this opportunity to help spread the word of The Mustang in the Room.

Dominique Dao is a fourth-year Interdisciplinary Studies major from Martinez, CA. She has started to be more involved in event planning this past year and is looking forward to using this skill to help The Mustang in the Room reach as many people as possible.


Danny Loveless is a third-year Journalism major excited to spread positivity here at Cal Poly. He seeks to increase awareness of the issues this campus faces as well as continue the conversation for all fellow students to feel heard and accepted for who they are.

Katie Terou is a second-year Journalism major. On the weekends, she tends to be either hiking around SLO or hitting the beach. Her goal for the The Mustang in the Room podcasts is to not only engage with but to educate the Cal Poly community on issues of diversity. 


Ruby Tincup is a second-year Journalism major with a MAST minor. She's from Orange County, California and can't wait to start working with her team on their podcasts. She believes it's always cool to be a part of something bigger than yourself, so she's really looking forward to utilizing the campaign's platform and working with her classmates to keep the conversation on diversity and inclusion going. 

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