Our videos aim to educate the Cal Poly community about social justice issues through a lens. We hope to expose subjects that are often swept under the rug in order to promote honest and sincere dialogue.

What's Your Privilege?

What’s Your Privilege, a game show like no other presented by The Mustang in The Room.

The Mustang In The Room News: Central Coast Festival for Jewish Learning

The First annual Festival for Jewish Learning was hosted by Cal Poly May 17-19. Brought to the public by the JCC Federation of San Luis Obispo, Hillel, and the MOCA Foundation, the festival hosted a number of guest speakers and services to unite the local Jewish community.

Dont's and Definitely Dont's of Cultural Appropriation

An out of this world student comes to Cal Poly with high expectations. They are troubled when other students start appropriating their culture.

Microaggressions @ Cal Poly SLO

Students share their experiences being the victim of or witnessing various microaggressions on campus. Check out the video to view our latest project, #mywordsmatter.


Check out our latest video! The Mustang in the Room team looks at whether Political Correctness is affecting freedom of speech and the productivity of civil discourse. 


Reporter Hannah of KTMITR covers the controversial visit of Milo Yiannopulos Incident on the Cal Poly campus. 

Check out our three video series: 

Musty Mustangs! Within each video, our video delves into issues like cultural appropriation, hidden biases, and gender bias. Learn what mistakes you might be making and how to do the right thing by clicking the links below!

Mustangs Exposed

   Check out our video to explore what real Cal Poly students think and feel about their experience with their backgrounds, heritage, and race as apart of this college community.


Experiences at Cal Poly
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